1. How to post my used product in fakdoo ?


Click The FREE POST Button

Select Your Category

Select Sub category

Select USED Option

Fill up the Form And Click The POST YOUR AD Button

2. How To Edit My Profile?


Click The My Profile Option

Click The Edit Option

Change Your Detials

Save Changes

3. What if i forget my account password, or wish to change it?


Select Log in / Register option

Select Log in Option

Enter Your Mobile Number

Click to forget password option

When you click on forgot password, an OTP will appear on your mobile number, enter the OTP here.

Now enter a new password and submit

4. How to purchase package ?


Select My Plans Option

Select Purchase Plan Option

Fill up The Form:

Select City

Select Category

Select Any Plan

Select SAVE Option

Select CHECK OUT Option


Select PAY Option

Select SUCCESS Option

5. Where can I find lead ?


Select My Ads Option

You press lead icon

You can get your lead by pressing the download button.

6. Where can i see my Wishlist ?


Click the wishlist icon on the front page to see the product added to the wishlist.

7. What will be the benefit of making the supreme post in fakdoo?

Posting to the Supreme makes the post appear first

8. How do I know if people are seeing my post?


On an Ad page, you can see an “eye shaped” icon mentioning the number of views next to it. This shows that your Ad has been seen by as many people visiting Fakdoo.

9. How to edit/delete an post ?


After you have logged in to FAKDOO account, Go to My Ads

Click the Edit Post button if you want to change the add.

If you want to delete the post, click on the Delete Post button.

10. How can i redirect to Main home page in fakdoo ?


Click on the Fakdoo icon displayed on the page to redirect the page.

11. Why my package is still not activated ?

The reason that your package is still not activated could be because there was some error in the network or delay from the bank’s end.

In case your amount was deducted, while your package still shows ‘Not Activated’, kindly share the screenshot of your transaction & Order ID/Card ID to support@fakdoo.com.

Please note that it usually takes 5-7 business days for the package to get activated.

12. How to Renew or Refresh my Property ?


Select Your Profile Option

select My Ads

Select Upgrade Post Option

Select any Plan

Press Continue Option

13. I am trying to log in but not receiving OTP. What to do?

OTP is also sent on registered email ID.

To check for OTP on mobile phone, check for below:

Please ensure you are in full network zone and your mobile phone has signal

Please wait for some time and input the last OTP received

In case no OTP received, click on 'Resend Code' on Login page to submit fresh request for OTP

If still no OTP received, please restart your phone or check with you network operator

14. How can I use the chat?


Select CHATS Option

15. How to post my new product in fakdoo?


Click The FREE POST Button.

Select Your Category

Select Sub category

Select NEW Option

Fill up the Form And Click The POST YOUR AD Button

16. Where & How I can post my product on rent in fakdoo?


Click The FREE POST Button.

Select Your Category

Select Sub category

Select RENT Option

Fill up the Form And Click The POST YOUR AD Button

17. How to add a wishlist in fakdoo?


Add your product to the wish list by pressing wishlist button.

18. Where can i contact for Banner Ads ?


You can click on ADVERTISEMENT WITH US field and fill details.

19. Where can I logout my account ?


User Dashboard Click on Logout button

20. Can I share the post with my Friends?

Select any category

Press the type of post you want to see.

Select the post that you wish to share.

Click on the “share” button to share the Ad on other platforms.

21. Where can I see the Ads that I posted?


After you have logged in to FAKDOO account, Go to My Ads

in My ads your post show in Review ads .

After Admin approve your post. It wil show in Active ads

22. How do I search for a product/service on FAKDOO?

Visit www.fakdoo.com and search for the product/company name using search box

From the search result page, you can also choose/enter the preferred city of product/supplier you wish to source products

23. What is verified mobile and mail id ?


Click The My Profile Option

Click The Verify now Funcition

Enter your email and press the next button

Enter the otp in your email and press the submit button.

24. Can you help me find a pet care product?


Click on the  Pet care   icon on the front page to find pet care products.

25. I want to sell a Dumper what are the steps?


Click The FREE POST Button.

Select FREE POST Option.


Select your category.

Fill up the Form And Click The POST YOUR AD Button

26. Can I select more than one model?

Yes, you can select a maximum of three models.

27. I see many types of amenities here, so how many types can I select at most?

You can select unlimited facilities.

28. How to change my password without logout my account?


Select Your Profile Option and open My Profile

Click on Edit button


Enter Your old password

Enter your new password and confirm them and save your password.

29. How can I make it easier for customers to find my product?

Choose a Supreme plan when you fill out your form so that customers can easily find your product, by choosing a Supreme plan your post will appear on the first page and customers will be able to see it easily.

30. What is the currency used for all transactions?

We have introduced Indian Rupee currency for all transactions.

31. Will I have to pay for any hidden costs like sales tax, OCTROI, etc…?

No, this application you do not have to pay any hidden costs.

32. Is it safe to use my credit card & is my information secure? Which cards are supported by “Pay with card”?

Fakdoo is committed to ensuring that your personal details will always be kept safe and has a number of fraud prevention measures in place. All credit and debit cards are allowed on the site.

33. Is my payment refundable?

No, we have a strict non-refundable policy once the service is purchased. In-case, your payment has bounced we would request you to check with your issuing bank.

34. How can I check the validity of my featured post?


Click on your profile and open the MyAds option.

Here you will find both the start date and the end date of your featured ad.

35. How do I add a picture to my profile and can I change it later?


Click on your profile and open the My profile option.

click on edit option.

edit your profile photo.

36. How can I report post?


Open any user ads.

Click on the REPORT THIS ADS button.

Select the topic then leave a message and submit.

37. How do I change my phone number in the app?

Sorry, you can't change your verified mobile number a second time.

38. What are the different modes of payment available?

You can use any one of the following payment methods:

Credit card

Credit card EMI of leading banks

Debit card

Net Banking

E-Gift cards



Pay Later

39. What are Wallets?

Wallets are an APP based mobile payment solution that helps to make payments from your bank accounts easy and hassle-free.

At Fakdoo you can make the payment of your order by using anyone of the these wallets Fakdoo, Phonepe, Mobikwik and Freecharge, Airtel money, Jio money and PayZapp.

40. For how long is my registration valid?

Once registered, you can come back to us anytime you want.

41. I have placed an order but it’s not appearing in the ‘My Ads' section. Why is that so?

Do not worry! You might be experiencing some slight delay in the updating of your order details to the ‘My Account' section, for sometimes our systems are flooded with new orders. So please be patient—Your order details will be automatically updated soon.

42. How do I find car accessories for the product?


Click  Car   icon on the front page of fakdoo

Click On Spare Parts & Accessories

43. How do I search for jobs on Fakdoo?


Click on  Job  icon on the front page of fakdoo

search skills and city

press find jobs button

44. Is registration compulsory to search properties at fakdoo.com

No, you can use search option to find properties, without registering with fakdoo.com.

45. How to add my property for sale or rent on Fakdoo?


Click The FREE POST Button

Click On Reality

Select your property cetagory

Choose your category

Fill up the form and press POST YOUR AD Button.

46. How do I receive responses for my posted requirements?

All matching properties to your requirements will be automatically saved in your requirement folder under your account and simenteously it will be send to your e-mail id

47. i have to advertised with you, how do I do?


Press the ADVERTISEMENT WITH US button in the footer.

Fill up the form and submit.

48. What kind of topics can be found on Fakdoo?



49. What are the best small commercial vehicles In India?

Tata Intra V30, Tata Yodha Pickup, Tata Ace gold, Mahindra Jeeto, Ashok Leyland Dost+, Maruti Suzuki Super Carry,

Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus and Mahindra Bolero Pikup ExtraStrong & many more are popular small trucks in India with starting price at Rs ₹ 90,000.00

50. How do I change my address?


Click on your profile and open the My Profile option.

click on edit option.

Edit your address

51. Why do I see multiple prices for the same product?

Simmilar products which are sold by different sellers have different price tags.

52. Can I pay using International Currency?

Unfortunately, at this time we accept only INR at Fakdoo.

53.Do the real items look the same as in the pictures?

All the items on our website look the same as in the pictures.

You can also check the customer reviews of each item for reference.

54. What should I do if I get a "404 Not Found" error when opening the configuration page?

Maybe it's just system loading error. Please log out and then log back into the Fakdoo, so Fakdoo can refresh permissions.

55. How to download application via Email ?


Enter you Email and click on submit.

56. How to download application via Play store or App store?


Click on Play store/ App store

Click on Download App

57. Who can sell items?

Any registed user, who presents a work, which is genuine and appealing, can post it on Fakdoo.

58. Is RERA ID compulsory for owners?

In case of owner RERA ID is not required. However, if it’s a project property that is under construction, owner will need to provide RERA ID of the project.

59. The property type I am looking for is not available on site. What to do?

While posting your property if you don’t find Property Type in the dropdown, according to your property then write to us at support@fakdoo.com.

60. What documents I need to post property?

You do not need any documents to post a property. Fakdoo will not ask for any documents.

61. Why is my account banned?

If you find that you are receiving a notification that your account is banned, this means that you've either breached one of our Posting rules or there is a non-compliant activity as per our Trust and Safety rules relating to your account.

62. What all amenities do I get at Fakdoo?

24 X 7 Security, 24HR Water Supply, Admin Office, Café Lounge / Cafeteria, CCTV Surveillance, Club House, Conference Hall, Fire Fighting Equipment, Garden, Gazebo, Gym, Indoor Home Theater, Jogging Truck, Kids Play Area, Library, Lift, Piped Gas, Power Backup, Swimming Pool & Kids Pool, Table Tennis, Vastu- Compliant and Wi – Fi

63. Is GST compulsory for buy package ?

No, GST is not compulsory for buy package

64. Where can i download my package invoice ?


You can find invoice in My Plan and invoice tab

65. How do I Deactivate my account?


Go to Help & support

Select subject - Deactived account and add Description

Press submit

66. How to hide my contact number in post?


Click The FREE POST Button

Select Your Category

Select Sub category

Select USED Option

Fill up the Form select "No" option. " WANT TO SHOW YOUR MOBILE NUMBER ON POST "

Click The POST YOUR AD Button

67. where can i Post Non - Agriculure ( NA ) Land in fakdoo ?


Click The FREE POST Button

select REALTY category

Select Sub category - Agriculture / NA

fill all details and press submit

68. Where can i Post my industiral shed ?


Click The FREE POST Button

Select REALTY category

Select Sub category Commercial

Select SELL

Select TYPE OF PROPERTY - Industiral Shed

Fill all details and press POST YOUR AD

69. Where can i Post my industiral shed ?


Click The FREE POST Button

Select REALTY category

Select Sub category - Commercial

Select SELL

Select TYPE OF PROPERTY - Industiral Shed

Fill all details and press POST YOUR AD

70 How to copy Google location link on Google map ?

Search location on Google map

Click on share button

Copy link

Paste that link on fakdoo

71. What is the meaning of the word "Fakdoo"?

The word "Fakdoo" means "Proficient or Skilled."

72. What are synonyms for "Fakdoo"?

The synonym for "Fakdoo" is 'Proficient or Skilled.'